Just like many households, it all began with a relevant concept: To bust through the commercial clutter in the media and give effective ideas some relevant space on the map. We see creative solutions as a GPRS to groundbreaking concepts and our job is to navigate through society and make an impact.

There’s nothing ‘small company’ about what we do. In 2012 we decided to open up shop and redefine the branding world. We needed to come up with a branding foundation that is stronger than cement. We’re building a home for Relevant Media and Concepts.

We’re an agency that specializes in Relevant solutions. We’re more than just office space and head-counts; we’re a family and this is our home, everyone counts.

In our creative kitchen, we’ve been experimenting with different ingredients to cook relevant concepts that the competition didn’t think of. We understand that good governance and social involvement go beyond the work performed in our offices, but we don’t want to reinvent pap; we just want it to taste better.

Through ethical business practice, we aim to enhance, as many lives as we possibly can by creating a Relevant Media & Concepts that will result in shared value within communities and corporates